Green Heron Parent Mother Hand Embellished Giclee Painting

Barbara Fallenbaum

Painting of Green Heron Mother.  This small heron is solitary most seasons and often somewhat secretive.  Seen in the open, it often flicks its tail nervously, raises and lowers it crest.  It is a striking bird with a velvet-green back, chestnut body and a dark cap often raised into a short crest.  I was fortunate the summer of 2020 to have a pair lay their eggs in my backyard.  First I found two eggs on the ground, then they disappeared.  Over the next couple of months I would see the parents in my backyard, catching lizards, catching insects and taking a bath in my spa.  Did not find out where the nest was till after the babies were gone. It was in a prominent tree just outside my studio window.  They had been sharing the tree with some nesting Wrens.  This is the  mother just after she had caught a big yellow lizard and swallowed it whole.  She has a proud satisfied look.

    • A hand painted giclee takes it to the next level, by having the artist hand embellish the print by painting on it.  This adds originality making the giclee painting more unique.    A good remarque further blurs the line between an original and a giclee.  They are then mounted into a custom frames (made in my studio) with our Signature finish.  Acrylic is mounted above the Giclee Painting with metal standoffs.  Each one is signed and numbered so that there is only a limited number of the image.  Each one being a Unique Original.
    • Image size 17" x 23" x 1.5" deep.
    • The logo watermark that you may see on your screen will not be on the print you receive.
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