Our Mission

Our goal is to share observations of some of God’s wondrous creations, from conception forward.  This is accomplished from observing at a distance and at times up close.  Currently the focus is on coastal bird life. Since the 1970’s Canada and United States have lost forty percent (40%) of our Wetland and Shorebirds.  Our desire is to share their beauty,  both physical form and their magnificent spirit.  At the same time bringing an awareness of their declining population.

Not sure most people are aware of the depth of emotion these beautiful creatures have.  Their primal spirit show deep raw unfiltered emotion.  We aim to share glimpses of their life experiences through paintings and illustrations.

We strive to bring awareness to a bird’s life joys and struggles in the process bringing the viewer an awareness of their fragile existence.  Birds are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Most people are not aware of this.  We take them for granted because they have always been here.  Our process is to create an original piece of art that will show their life’s journey…hopefully bringing the viewer an awareness and joyful reminder of both their beautiful spirit and that we should protect their existence so they may always be with us!