Love of Painting

Barbara Fallenbaum was raised by a single mother that taught her girls good values and a good work ethic.  Part of those values were to have pride in theirselves and in their surroundings. 


Each summer her mother would take a two week vacation.  The first week the family would spend the time painting and decorating their home.  Barbara had fun with these annual projects.    She particularly took to the house painting part.  She could apply the paint uniformly, cutting in and around windows, doors and ceilings. The part she really loved was the faux painting, these walls were some of her first canvases. This transformed their small abode into a warm cozy home. 


Then came the second week and the reward for their labor.  Barbara’s mother would take the family to the beach for seven days of sun, surf and watching island life.  They enjoyed watching the Sea Gulls play on the on the dunes.   We’re thrilled when the larger birds would appear.  Each year Barbara would choose one of her feathered sightings to paint in hopes that it was good enough to frame for their home.