Artist Statement

I'm fascinated by coastal living, the sounds, the smells, the feelings, the light and its reflections.   I paint with luminous oils to share glimpses into the lives of coastal dwellers both what humans see and what our feathered friends experience.
The illumination and energy of light along the water is magical…the bright blue sky which is sometimes pink, peach and even lavender, the way the sky reflects off the water, the lush foliage and how it all is reflected in the water…this is what inspires my desire to create.  Feeling fortunate to live on a barrier island where I am surrounded by a large expanse of rippling, flowing and transforming water on a daily basis…I seek to share this island life.
Always intrigued by nature, the way we interact with it.   How we build communities in natural environments…adapt, blend and change those surroundings.  Amazed by what springs forth from the earth, whether it’s through the water or from the ground…how we relate to it in our human world with our gardens and parks.  How wild life utilize it to seek shelter, forage for food and protect thier young.
Particularly captivated by birds, their primal essence.  Spent a lot of time observing them in their environment and with each other.  Watching them protect their territory, build their nests, sit on their eggs, feed their hatchlings and teach their babies how to fly…pure joy.  It is nearly impossible to paint a bird as exquisite as the real one, but my goal is to capture the essence of their spirit and to share their life experiences.
As an artist I seek inspiration everywhere, in what I see, in how I live and try to share this joy through my art.