Exquisite Green Peacock Painting

Barbara Fallenbaum

Green Peacocks are the ones your see with green, blue and bronze feathers.  Male peafowl are known as peacocks, females are known as peahens.  In St Petersburg in the Jungle Prada area along the Boca Ciga Bay there is a habitat where they run free.  There are many times I’ve stopped my car so they can cross the Park Blvd.  It’s always a treat to watch then casually mender across street with traffic stopped in both directions.

  • The painting measures 12” x 24”, with frame 13.5." x 25.5"  x 2" deep.  
  • The frame is solid wood and custom for this painting.  We finish each one with an undercoated metallic glaze and a nice cream crackle top coat, giving an elegant coastal feel.  Each frame is a unique piece of art by itself! 
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